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…Handmadeology Pro is an education and resource center for handmade sellers to take their business to the next level.  It is easy for a business to stall or become stagnant – not reaching its full potential – additional sales are possible!  Pro is for people who already have an Etsy shop, but want to see it thrive instead of just survive.

Handmadeology Pro empowers you in two ways:

  • Education – Knowledge is fuel to make wise decisions surrounding your business.  Learn from others that have gone before you so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.  Learn from experts that live and breathe Etsy.  Business owners must be well rounded in many business topics in order to build thriving sustainable businesses.
  • Resources – Knowing a bunch of things is useful, but if you can’t practically put it into practice – it is of little use. . . That is why Pro provides you tools to get the job done with downloadable spreadsheets, forms, trackers, log books, and calculators.

If your business is a garden, Handmadeology Pro gives you access to experts with green thumbs (education), but also the shovels, seeds, and watering can to make it grow (resources).

Here is a glimpse at some of the content Handmadeology Pro members will receive*:

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Branding Tips for Your Etsy Business

Etsy Tax Tips | Filing Form 1099 MISC (video)

Tips For Finding An Accountant

Tips for Paying Business Bills

Managing Your Business Receipts

Turbo Tax Filing Tips for Handmade Sellers (video)

The Anti-Elevator Speech for Handmade (video)

Etsy – Behind the Numbers – Total Inventory (video)

Home Office Tax Deduction (video)

Your Etsy Creativity – Jump start your imagination

12 Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Etsy: Behind the Numbers – Sales $

Etsy Challenges – The Slider Test (video)

Your Etsy Dreams – Why shops flounder, fizzle, and fall

Your Etsy Strengths – An investigation of your natural talents

Your Etsy Personality

Exploring Game-Changing Tactics Of Online Marketing

Web Security Manual


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Your Etsy Relevancy Strategy : Ebook and Spreadsheet

The Etsy Search Ad Stratagem – Helping Etsy Sellers Become Ad Smart

Craft Show Manager

The Keyword Research Blueprint

Treasury Blueprint

My Treasury Tracker

Customizable Sales Tax Table

Customizable Invoice

Handmade Business Balance Sheet

Daily To-Do List Planner

Simple Etsy Shop Ratios – Digging Into the Numbers (tool)

Etsy Keyword Performance Analyzer

Net Promoter Score: Customers That Make Your Business Grow

Etsy Productivity Log

Etsy Shop Name Critique

Monthly Etsy Fee Analyzer

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Etsy Pinterest Guide

Advanced Pinterest Techniques | Increase Your Shop and blog Traffic

Facebook Fan Page – Publishing Best Practices

Facebook Timeline Training – Video 1 Overview

Facebook Timeline Training – Video 2 – Cover Image

Timeline Training – Video 3 – Profile Picture

Timeline Training – Video 4 – About Section

Timeline Training – Video 5 – Milestones

Timeline Training – Video 6 – Manipulating Your Posts For More Exposure

Handmade Marketing Log

*Note:  Many of these titles are both a video and multiple tools working together. . . plus – New content will be added monthly!

Once you become a Pro member, what happens next?

  • You get a log in for the site
  • You start watching tons of videos, reading in depth topical ebooks, and downloading tools to help you improve your business.
  • Your business improves – and you find yourself doing the Happy Dance more often!
  • Your membership lasts forever and you continually are improving with the new content that arrives every month.