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We address if you need an accountant or should be able to do the accounting yourself. We also provide some questions to ask bookkeepers and accountants when trying to find the best local accountant for your small business.



Every business owner has to do it . . . . pay the bills! Here are some practical and easy tips to help make paying your bills much easier and less stressful!



Receipts are part of doing business. . . . and throwing them in a shoebox is the worst thing you can do with them! Here are some practical and easy ways to manager your business receipts – making your bookkeeping and tax time so much easier!


Learn how to get the most our of your posts. Get more interaction, likes, and shares.


Learn the significance of milestones and how to use them to get the most exposure.


In this video we will be looking at your about section for your fan page. Learn how to maximize the space for increasing traffic to your website and shop.


In this training video we are going t look at your profile picture.

In this video we will cover the importance of your cover image, and how to effectively use the new cover image to better your brand.

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This is a 7 part video training that will help you transition over to the new timeline for your Facebook fan page.

Here are a number of topics we will be covering in this training.

How to Effectively Use the New Cover Image to Better Your Brand

Making Full Use of the About Section to Grab Users Attention

The New Home of your Apps; Which Ones to Show and How to Change Thumbnails

Pinning Posts for Maximum Exposure

Anchoring Posts that Matter

Milestones – their Significance and How to Use Them

Tips on Starring Posts to Strengthen Viewership

New timeline activity feed allowing users to search deep back into your page’s past

Daily snapshot of your pages Insights – letting you know what’s working and what’s not.

New Admin Panel Features and How to Get Things Done Faster

A In-Depth Look at the NEW Activity Log

A Friend Feed displaying what all your fans and their friends are saying about your business.


Here is video one.  This is an overview of the changes you will see.



Form 1099-MISC is one of the most common tax forms for small business owners to become familiar with from both the receiving side and the sending side.  Learn about whatthis form does for your business, when you have to file one, and some tips on filing it by it’s due date.