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Do you know what the major financial mistakes that many Etsy sellers commit? In this EBook, I describe the 12 financial pitfalls that can either slow your business down or completely make your finances crash and burn. Can you begin to guess what they are?




“Exploring Game-Changing Tactics Of Online Marketing” is another such attempt
where 14 highly experienced and knowledgeable marketing experts have come together
to bring you tips, ideas, resources and insights required for you to become an online
marketing guru.

We understand that when it comes to a business owner, he/she has to take a different
approach towards marketing their business online, and when it comes to a blogger, it is
a different ball game all together. Therefore we have divided this book into two
- For Bloggers
- For Small to Medium Sized Business Owners.

Here are a few chapters:

Blogging Relationships – Quality Over Quantity

The Art of Transforming Subscribers Into Buyers

Simple Steps To Maximizing Your Online Marketing Efforts For Your

8 Ways To Get Business Success With Social Media Networking