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What do you do when you have a customer that does not pay you?  Send them an invoice to light the fire to get them to pay you!  This customizable invoice, built in a spreadsheet, is easy to print out, send as a spreadsheet, or even a pdf or picture to your customer though email.  It’s time to get paid!





Branding is so much more than a great look or a lucrative offer. Your brand tells your creative story and gives purpose to your direction. First you have to write your story. Great brands, big and small, are on a mission and use their business as a mode. But one thing you do have on your side that a big brand does not is connection.
Build a direct path to the sole creator, thinker, maker, and shaker in your creative business (hint: it’s you) and let your customer’s be a part of this tremendous journey you are on. Successful brands are not selling gimmicks and they do not tell their customers what they think they want to hear–rather they are honest and transparent about what solutions they offer and who they are best for. We will get to the look of things, but first, who are you and what are you here to do?




Form 1099-MISC is one of the most common tax forms for small business owners to become familiar with from both the receiving side and the sending side.  Learn about whatthis form does for your business, when you have to file one, and some tips on filing it by it’s due date.



Tax time is coming soon and there are many different ways you can file your taxes.  Here are some tips for filing your taxes.  Also, we look at the benefits of using Turbo Tax that you might not be aware of.



Elevator speeches are typically 30 second to a minute mini speeches that tell others about your business.  The thing about elevator speeches is they typically don’t work.  The world we live in today is much more organic and conversational.  Here are 3 types of ways you can create your anti-elevator speech and make your handmade business remembered both online and in the real world.


There is a lot of inventory for sale on Etsy – this inventory level changes based on two movements:  1) new inventory listed 2) inventory being sold.  When you look at all 3 of these numbers together, Etsy sellers can find out some interesting recent trends on Etsy.  Knowing this information can give you a competitive advantage over other Etsy sellers.




Your Etsy Creativity – Jump start your imagination

Creativity comes more naturally to some than others. Even if you are the most creative person on Etsy—by itself, that doesn’t get you very far. You must be able to harness that creativity to work for your Etsy success in practical ways.

Etsy is full of copycats and lack of creativity is the primary cause. Truly successful businesses are innovators both in their products and the way daily operations are performed. Innovations come from creativity—creativity can be performed in a more intentional manner to encourage your personal success. Additional creativity never hurts anyone!

This ebook helps you understand three different types of creativity and provide practical techniques to increase creativity in your business.

We help you apply this knowledge and various techniques to your Etsy business to help spark your imagination. Your creativity will be the “icing on the cake” of your successful Etsy shop.

This ebook is 10 pages long and is a no nonsense way to apply creativity techniques to your Etsy shop.

Creativity is amazing! Neglecting to fertilize and water your “creativity seed” causes stagnation in your business—so let us help you grow your creativity.

Each book is sent via email in PDF format. Anyone can view a pdf, Mac users and pc.. you can even view pdfs online.

Do you know what the major financial mistakes that many Etsy sellers commit? In this EBook, I describe the 12 financial pitfalls that can either slow your business down or completely make your finances crash and burn. Can you begin to guess what they are?




In this video lesson I will walk you through the important steps you need to know to successfully market your Etsy shop using Pinterest.






Simple Etsy Shop Ratios – Digging Into the Numbers

This spreadsheet will evaluate your Etsy shop with some ratios that are “hidden” behind the scenes.  10 revealing numerical stories are told after you type in 8 pieces of data about your Etsy shop.  By performing some calculation on these numbers, we can make a rough forecast of when you will get your next sale and next shop heart.  Knowing these numbers will help you better understand your Etsy shop’s performance!