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Handmadeology Pro provides education and empowerment for handmade business owners that are serious about improving their business through video tutorials, downloadable tools (spreadsheets and forms), and relevant eBooks and articles.

Timothy Adam 

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Tim is a self-taught metal artist, and a certified Mig welder. He started designing modern metal furniture in 2004 – building his first piece in Baltimore with his sister-in-law, a furniture designer. He found his passion in metal and kept on designing and building – struggling for 4 years to make a name in local galleries in the Grand Rapids Michigan area.

His friend introduced him to Etsy in February of 2007, and it changed his business. He started creating a jewelry line and has not turned back. In November of 2007 he had to quit his full time job – because his passion was becoming a dream come true!  Timothy now sells all over the world through his Etsy shop, wholesale accounts around the country, galleries, museums and salons.

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He is an author – How to Make Money Using Etsy (Wiley Publishing), editor of Handmadeology.com, and marketing guru for the handmade scene.  He live in Canton Ohio with his wife, son (2 years), and dog.

Tim loves the handmade community and Etsy … Handmadeology is his way of giving back!

“Through the years, I’ve helped thousands of Etsy sellers master the art and science of building their business through social media.  The sustainable success of your business hinges on how you choose to use social media to multiply your business.” – Tim


Jason Malinak


Jason Malinak has a passion for finances and teaching others.  He is a “creative accountant” who can perform left-brain number-crunching analytics while also feeling like a right-brain handmade artist.  He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) who also loves Etsy!  His wife, Katie, started selling on Etsy in 2007, and he started helping with her bookkeeping, taxes, and the legal side of her business.  He built a bookkeeping system for her and figured, “If my wife can use this, I’m sure other Etsy sellers could, too!”  Jason’s Etsy shop, JJMFinance was born – selling bookkeeping, tax, legal, and financial tools, tips, and advice.

For years, he has provided answers to Etsy sellers’ business-related questions through the Etsy forums, e-mails, conversations (convos), and blog articles.  Jason believes that every Etsy seller can run a successful business on Etsy with the right knowledge, tools, and perseverance.  His desire is to see your Etsy shop thrive!

He has a Master of Accountancy degree from Baylor University.  When he’s not on Etsy, he has performed the activities of international accounting for a publicly traded company, financial reporting, and the treasury function for a nonprofit organization.  He loves spreadsheets, good analytics, and entrepreneurship.  His Etsy shop (JJMFinance) and Etsy-preneurship.com are some of the ways he spends his free time.

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Jason is an author – Etsy-preneurship:  Everything You Need to Know to Turn Your Hobby into a Thriving Business (Wiley Publishing).  He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, son, and daughter.  He enjoys a good hike and hanging out with his family.

“I get great joy out of helping Etsy sellers build a solid foundation for their business.  Business Plans, Bookkeeping, Taxes, Finances, Marketing, Daily Operations, and Legal aspects of running a business are what make your business work behind the scenes.  Sustainable success requires intentionality in these areas.” – Jason

Our Mission Statement:

We  live and breathe Etsy . . . Handmadeology Pro is our creative outlet to empower you to succeed.  We believe everyone can run a successful business on Etsy—it takes three personal characteristics:  hard work, time, and passion.  When you put these traits together with the right knowledge, tools, and confidence—you’re on your way to fulfilling your handmade business dreams!